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Most rocking bar cabinet

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classic rock AMP inspired bar

The Barshell was designed with one sole purpose in mind, to be the coolest most rocking personal bar cabinet out there and The Barshell does that part very well.

introducing barshell

The Barshell is a personal bar cabinet, designed keeping in mind the objective of creating the most rocking personal bar cabinet. The dimension of the Bar have been chosen to be perfectly compact as well as large enough to store enough booze and accessories for a group of people. To give it a classy look Barshell is upholstered with vegan leather and styled in front with mesh background with a golden chrome logo. So if you are someone who like unique things and enjoy their drink served in a unique setting, the Barshell is surely the one for you!

large space to keep all your booze!

Push open for a perfect evening!




We have designed The Barshell to be perfectly sized for an personal bar cabinet. Compact enough to not be a bulky mess in the room and large enough to store all of your drinking essential in a stylish setting.

dressed to Kill

The Barshell is styled to look perfect in every setting. Upholstered in quality vegan leather it offers a soft touch and a classy appeal. The front of Barshell Personal bar Cabinet is done in mesh which give it a trendy punk industrial look. Embellished with stylish golden chrome logo it makes it even more striking and classy.

so what are you waiting for?

The Barshell is made as a limited edition product, so order yours while you can. Buy the Barshell today and add a touch of classic rock to your joyful times.

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